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A Model for the Rest of the Country: MN State Health Ins. for Self Employment


Of all the states in the Union, Minnesota surprises many as being one of the most socially liberal places around, especially as it is located, smack dab in the middle of the Upper Midwestern Bible Belt. Whether it's good schools or a climate that encourages introspection and improvisational theater, there are some smart cookies up in L'Etoile du Nord.

They are, for instance, smart enough to know that forcing the poor of the state into Emergency Rooms is a terribly inefficient and cruel policy. As such, the MN state health ins. for self employment program is one of the most forward thinking in the nation. It allows the self employed to join a pool of other self employed people and get on a state backed insurance program that is guaranteed not to take you for a ride every year with outrageous insurance premium jumps like private insurers are wont to do.

The MN state health ins. for self employment program, also known as Minnesota Care, is perhaps responsible in no small part for the proliferation of freelance artists and self employed small business persons since the mid 1990s when it was begun. Premiums that cover major medical expenses are very reasonable compared to private insurers, though, of course, it's only open to Minnesotans.

Nonetheless, the MN state health ins. for self employment program has served as a model to other states for keeping costs down and services reasonably up to date. Much of this is based upon the Scandinavian model (what do you expect in a state with about a million Petersons, Stevensons and Andersons?) by where incentives are given to those who actually make some effort to stay healthy. Home of the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), many such programs give people breaks on their premiums for regularly going to the gym and taking regular health classes.

Though the MN state health ins. for self employment program does have an upper limit (like most state programs), it is relatively high, and one can make a very decent living as a freelancer and still qualify. Recent upper income limits have been in the mid-20s. Though this certainly does exclude some folks, they do also have sliding scale payments for people who make fractionally more.

Moreover, the knowledgeable MN state health ins. for self employment program are available to meet with you and make a presentation about your health care options. It's their job to demystify the process and help as many people in the state become insured as possible. Best of all, as a MN resident, you're able to deduct your premiums from your state and federal taxes. Check with your accountant to make sure.




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