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´╗┐CTI Pre Employment Drug Screening: Learn How It is Done

from: www.employmentexposed.com

Are you in the CTI field and getting ready to get a new career? Then you should be prepared for a CTI Pre employment drug screening! For those who are not familiar with CTI, the acronym CTI stands for Computer-Telephony Integration.

CTI or Computer-Telephony Integration is a term used to describe computers managing phone calls. Most individuals would call it computer telephony. To make things short, this is the term used for computer services that are now being used in call centers. An example of a computer telephony service is when your phone call is directed to the department that you would like to be connected to. If you have called the technical support of your computer or any other electronic device for example, an operator will answer and ask you to press a number for the option that meets your need. This is a great example of computer telephony integration.

Now that you already know what CTI means, it is time that you learn about CTI Pre employment drug screening. Nowadays, the majority of businesses have required pre employment drug screening tests before hiring applicants. The reason is because companies are getting cautious what with the number of unsavory incidents caused by drug or alcohol abuse. If you are in the field of computer telephony, you are subject to a CTI Pre employment drug screening too. Know that there are still companies that might not require you to submit to a CTI Pre employment drug screening. However, more often than not, a CTI Pre employment drug screening is already included in the medical exam prior to hiring. Below are a few things that you nust know about a CTI Pre employment drug screening.

These tests or CTI Pre employment drug screening exams are conducted in 2 ways. Some companies will send you to their certified laboratory while others have their instant test kits that might somewhat resemble the pregnancy test kits that are being sold in the market today. The latter is definitely cheaper than laboratory exams. However, laboratory exams are more efficient. Both methods are as accurate. However, the instant test kits sold on the market will not be retained for further testing. Once an applicant is tested positive, it must be retested. Instant test kits can not handle that.

Note that drugs may stay in the system for up to three days. However some drugs could stay up to two weeks or more. At the same time you need to know that there are tests that could check for drugs taken within ninety days. The best thing to do is avoid drugs.

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