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“Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Employment...But Afraid To Ask” will help you learn the basics of getting your dream job – allowing you the chance to finally get ahead.




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How often have you asked yourself – what am I going to do with my life? How many other individuals in your life have pestered you with these same questions at every social gathering you attend? Don't you feel like sometimes you just needed someone to lay out the facts about employment for you in plain English so that you would know how to get started in the rapidly changing job market?


Maybe you are thinking about getting a new job, or maybe you just want to know what to expect as you start to look for your first job. In either case, your mind is filled with questions about what happens, what you should do, etc. Have you begun to feel like you would never know everything? Or at least, you would never be able to learn the really important things about finding a new career? Have you been wondering if there was a way that you can finally learn more?


The good news is that no matter if you are in the interviewing phase or just getting started in the working world, “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Employment....But Never Dared To Ask” is the perfect resource for everything to do with employment. Not only will you learn about how the working world works, but you will also learn about how to find the best job for YOU.


If you are ready to be the best employee that you long to be, you need to grab your copy of “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Employment...But Never Dared To Ask” right now. No matter what kinds of questions you have, I will give you the answers you have been searching for.


To start things off, we are going to speak about what employment is:


  • Employment in the past
  • Employment in the present
  • The role of the internet today
  • Examples of employment trend listings
  • Employment in the future
  • Even more employment trend indicators


By learning about the trends in employment, you will set yourself up for a successful job hunt as well as start to choose the right training and education to put yourself in the best employment position. And with “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Employment...But Never Dared To Ask,” you will be certain that you consider all of your options – not just those others suggest to you.


So, where do we start?


Even if you have never held a job before, my ebook is going to guide you through the basics of what you can expect in terms of employment and how to secure "the" job.


You will learn about the various kinds of employment:


  • Full time employment
  • Part time employment
  • Casual and temporary employment
  • Self employment
  • Home employment


When you have this information, you will be able to see what your employment options are and how you will fit into the working world. Instead of simply signing up for a job that is not suited for your temperament or your current life, you will be able to sort out the jobs that are a great fit for YOU.


But the truth is that there is a lot that you need to learn before you can complete a successful job search. And maybe you require more help than you can complete on your own. In “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Employment...But Afraid To Ask,” you are going to learn about employment assistance options to metaphorically 'hold your hand' as you start the path to employment.


Learn about:


  • Employment services
  • Industry conditions
  • Occupations within the employment services industry
  • Job search secret strategies
  • Recruitment services
  • Retained and delimited searches


With this knowledge, you can pick the right 'help' to get you moving in a successful direction – without worry.


But in order to begin, you need a resume of your skills and past employers? Of course, you already knew that. In “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Employment...But Never Dared To Ask,” you are going to learn how to write a resume that gets noticed.


Employers want to know what you have done in the past and how it will help them in their business.


But there is even more!


You do not need to take on professional resume writing help in order to get noticed by prospective human resources departments.


Learn about:


  • Applications
  • Resumes
  • Resume templates
  • Resume tips
  • Resume writing services


By creating a solid resume, you will not only get your foot in the door, but you will also get that prized interview with all the hiring honchos.


In “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Employment...But Never Dared To Ask,” we are also going to cover information about your rights as an employee and what you should expect from the employer.


  • Employment law and practice
  • Employment screening


This is going to help you understand what you can expect in your job search as well as what your rights are in your job hunting position.


But I am also going to cover what everyone wants to know:


How do I choose a job that is right for me?


Whether you have other jobs to compare your current job hunt to or not, you need to start searching at yourself as your best resource for choosing the best career path.


I will talk about:


  • What job is right for you?
  • Some Key ways to determine job type
  • Job characteristics


If more individuals knew about this, there would be less unhappy workers in the job market today.


Also, if you order a copy of “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Employment...But Never Dared To Ask,” I am going to include a copy of my special report, “Employment Discrimination: Are You a Victim of Discrimination?"

This 11 page report includes:


  • Age Discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Racial Discrimination
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination
  • National Orientation Discrimination
  • Women and Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Religious Discrimination
  • The Glass Ceiling
  • Work Record
  • Tips for Dealing with Employment Discrimination


While there are some laws to protect you, you need to be educated about what your rights are as an employee too.


I just had so many ideas that I could not fit them all into “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Employment...But Never Dared To Ask.” Even with 52 pages of information, I still needed to include this special report for you.


But what are you really getting from these ebooks?


When you order a copy of “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Employment...But Never Dared To Ask,” you are not only investing in a comprehensive guide to employment, but you are also learning the basics of the job market – basics that several people simply do not understand.


By taking the time to learn what to expect and how to take care of yourself during your career, you will ensure that you have a bright and successful future.




Table Of Content

1 What Is Employment: It's Past, Present, And Future
Employment In The Past
Employment In The Present
The Role Of The Internet Today
Examples Of Employment Trend Listings
Employment In The Future
More Employment Trend Indicators

2 Different kinds Of Employment
Full-Time Employment
The Full-Time Game
The Change In Work Climate
Part-Time Employment
Economic Influences On Part-Time Employment
The Economy Of The Season
Casual And Temporary Employment
The Downsides Of Casual Employment
Aspects Of Temporary Employment Considered
Self Employment Option
Who Are The Self-Employed?
Self-Employment Myths Exposed
Common Mistakes Made By The Newly Self-Employed
Tips For The Newly Self-Employed
Home Employment
Types Of Home Employment
Tips For Avoiding Work-At-Home Scams
Home Employment Jobs To Avoid

3 Employment Assistance Options
Employment Services
Industry Conditions
Occupations Within The Employment Services Industry
Job Search Strategies
Recruitment Services
Retained And Delimited Searches

4 Applications And Resumes: Tips And Advice
Resume Templates to Use
Resume Tips
Resume Writing Services

5 Employment Law And Practice
Employment Screening

6 Exploring Employment Opportunities
What Job Is Perfect For You?
Keys Ways To Determine Job Type
Job Characteristics

7 Further Information About Employment
Other Resource Information


Here is an excerpt of the book:

Who are the self-employed?


The self-employed are made up of an eclectic mix of people including entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, skilled workers, as well as those who find themselves in need of a more flexible schedule and realize that in order to achieve this end, they will have to work on their own. But, who are the self-employed today? What are the kinds of professions and business endeavors that form the larger pool of the self-employed?



Entrepreneurs (or small business owners) – While it has been normally associated with small business owners in the past, the word entrepreneur has taken on a broader, and perhaps, looser usage that includes not only the traditional business, but also for those who are self-employed.


Online Business Owners – Internet business owners or online entrepreneurs are self-employed and maintain full responsibility for earning income through various online means including internet advertising, retailing and merchandizing, as well as other types of online-based services. This category of the self-employed has broader application due to the expanded accessibility to resources that the internet has provided and the numbers of viable online operations that are being developed on a continual basis.


Home Business Owners – Individuals who are involved in or have ownership in home-based businesses represent a subcategory of the entrepreneurial self-employed. These businesses are home-based, meaning daily operations are conducted from the comfort of their own homes. This revolution in the typical business structure has been made possible through the agencies of new technologies like the World Wide Web and other telecommunications systems that can directly link home-based offices with customers anywhere in the world.


Partnerships – There is a small percentage of the self-employed who do not own and run their businesses and services exclusively but rather become involved in a lucrative business endeavor with one or more partners so that costs and resources can be combined to provide more coverage for different projects that seek to provide business growth.


Freelancers – Another growing breed of the self-employed include those who call themselves freelancers . While most freelancers, regardless of the services they provide, do not have an official business of any kind, they are still considered to be self-employed. Most of the time, a freelancer makes a living by working in contract situations with a variety of different employers or clients. They perform services either from home offices or on a temporary basis on the client's payroll and within their business premises.



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